How to make cameras in a creative map

I need help on making an among us cams system

Add a teleporter in a secret area away from a camera view. Thats all I know. Welcome to the forums!

@GimSolver knows how to do this… PEACE!

since when?
ugh, fine, I’ll look for something.


See, @GimSolver knows everything. I am but a humble poet.

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This is my first time. Here thanks for the advice!

Welcome to the forums @Demigod
(Are you perhaps a fan of Rick Riordan’s Books?)

If it’s on Polus where you press buttons to switch from camera to camera, you could have game overlays for going to the next screen and the previous screen while hiding outside a camera view, with a teleporter below you to go back.

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It’s for a skeld map and I’ve already figured it out but I do need other help with the map

Welcome to the forums, @Demigod! Percy Jackson books 4eva!

What is it? I can solve many problems in my own maps, hopefully I can for other maps as well! (I’m pretty new on the forums)

Yassss (#Heroes of Olympus is FRVR!)

I dont know if this will work, but if it does, try connecting a button overlay device to a camera via a wire.

how would I make people into ghosts after the Imposter kills them?

Yea! Sorry is this is off-topic, but the author just announced the next PJ book.

you could use a lifecycle for if you get knocked out, it transmits on a channel to switch u to the imposters team

it won’t work the same
the best way is to use a team switcher to switch them to spectator

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Yes after The Chalice. Let’s get back on topic, though, and help Demigod.

I’m writing a book like PJ and hoping to get into RR Presents.

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