How to make basketball court (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

First go on map options. Then Change ground to Asphalt road.
should look like this

Then place 6x12 using Asphalt road. Then place as much grass around the court.

Then lets make Custom made team benches
You need

  • 1 Metal pole { or wooden }
  • 2 Blackboard legs
    Make pole little bigger and make the Blackboard legs black.
    it should look like this
    Screenshot 2023-09-12 10.01.04 AM
    Then copy it then you got 2 benches

Finally add Basketball and Hoop

Then your done!


I have a basketball court tutorial too! PS make the line down the middle :wink:

ok thanks might update it soon but not right now to busy :smiley:

that’s fair @RYLAN

@lonewolf0230 I could use a Metal pole for the middle

yeah that would work

Nice job! I suggest adding the half-court, 3-point, and free-throw lines.

(Remember to add difficulties!)

you should add a ball holder

I dont know what to use for free throw and Three point line
give me some ideas
And I will make a Updated version

You can use metal poles and tint then black, then shrink and align them.

Oh yeah thats a cool idea but I want to add a variety of props to use :smile: