How to make a working basketball game

Make a basketball court or make one like this

Making the court(optional if already have one skip to step 1)

Lay down the floor

Add walls add bleachers (i used hay stacks on top of each other with a color hue

Add hoops on each side(use flip prop on apearence) (and if you want an audience but with invisible barrier on top so they cannot shoot the players. (also put on very back of seat as i did

Use metal shelves with basketball on them and add table with sentry for a judge table

You can add other rooms if you want. like locker rooms, etc. (i will be making an expanded guide soon on full court building)
Add lines like on basketball court

Step 1 organization

Now add a button with these settings in front of the left basketball hoop

Now add a button with these settings in front of the right basketball hoop

Then add three triggers on each side like this

But have where they cannot be triggered when stepped on and are not visible in game.
Now set the trigger closest on each side to trigger when the button beside it transmits it’s channel.

Step 2 coding

Now go into the left side trigger beside the button and add this code

Then set the right side trigger next to the button to this block code

Then have one trigger on left side trigger on left miss and on on left make and the same on right side but with right miss and right make.
Then you add this block code for the two left and right triggers
Miss left trigger-
Make left trigger-

Miss right trigger-

Make right trigger-

Then you can add shots further away like the further and or the harder the shot the less chance and easier more chance.(maybe even the lines around rim like around the world).

Step 3 animation

use this guide but use it for each channel like if too far left use this guide (but without the button just using the channels like left make and left miss to direct the animation to look like it is supposed to.
How to animate a basketball being thrown Difficulty: 🟩

Extra ideas

You could use these mechanics (miss or make left or right) for a wii baseball game or a randomized animation so each game is different so random which team will win which player will do best, ect.

Other basketball related guides

How to animate a basketball being thrown Difficulty: 🟩
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How to make basketball court (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )
How to make a Basketball Court


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Nice guide! You could improve the randomization with this guide:


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