How to make automactic door. Difficulty: 🟩

Required Items:
4 zones

So first place a barrier where you want your door to be like this for example⬇️

Now put a zone down. Wire it to the barrier. Player enters zone → deactivate barrier. Now place down a second zone and wire it to the barrier. Player leaves zone → activate barrier. Have them both on the right side. Like this :arrow_down:

Now do the repeat the same thing for the left side. It should be like this when done. :arrow_down:

And that’s it. If you enjoyed the tutorial please drop a like and if you have any questions just ask! I will gladly help!
People who also did a simalar tutorial: @wingwave , @meeper , @Rusty


Nice guide. You may want to credit this guide

Also, we aren’t using the tutorial tag for this.

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There are a couple guides before this, including

You may want to credit those as well.


I will credit them now

I will credit them now.

Thank you for the inspiration!!

Good job with the pictures and blacking out the codes. Thank you!

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You could just use 1 zone when entered deactivate barrier. When leaves run pulse into a wire repeater then activate barrier

Bump since its magenta dragons first guide!

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Doors, an uphill battle, existing as a quill is not very easy.

Though this is a year later…Thanks so much!

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great guide! Although I would suggest you to decorate the door a little