How to make an Aquarium (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

First, make a 12 by 7 water rectangle

Then add some sand, rocks, coral, fish, and a stand, and done!


My friend helped out on the Aquarium

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Nice guide!

One helpful suggestion, add metal poles around the water so it looks like a fish tank.


Okay thanks! I’ll do that

Your Welcome.

Here’s the final product,

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NIce, much better with the poles.

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WolfTechnology, head back to this: How to make a border patrol system/prison check system difficulty difficulty:3/10

I found 3 hidden legendary kits

Ok wdym?

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Yours is better than mine lol…How to make a fish tank in Gimkit Creative [🟩]

Never mind that, I was wrong

Oh ok.

Nice art! If @Frozen_cursor says that you made a better art guide than him, then you should be deeply honored.


Thanks @wingwave! It’s awesome

Nice but what is “Daddy” doing there lol

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That was the friend.

Technoblade never dies!!! Also, great guide. Love how simple it is!

Yeah the minecraft youtuber.