How to make a working submit scan from among us task (Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩 )

1st. Put a waypoint leading to the task. Lable it scan

2nd. put a spawn pad and set it to pregame

then add a button that you need 5 seconds to use then you are done
oh and you can add animation using lasers using someone else’s
tutorial about


Nice job! You could add like a section that shows us how to add lasers that deal no damage to show the scan!

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thanks im a beginner-ish ive only been using this for about 8 months

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Didn’t gkc come out in may?

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i recently joined this forum

well yeah it did that is true so 4 months?


Oh. Ok. There is a guide on animation here somewhere. You should search that up, and make sure to credit.

oh ok so thanks getrithekd

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Nice guide! I suggest scribbling out the codes and adding steps.

I don’t think you need animations for the lasers, you just have to make it blink on and off.

No, for it to go up and down.

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I fixed the emoji in the title for you!

thanks man i needed help

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@GimAI /gimai_rate post

@GimAI is offline because people trained it to do bad stuff and turn against other users. There is more info on it’s profile.

oh ok can you rate mine then?

Won’t the spawn pad spawn the player in there sometimes? Also what is the spawn pad for?

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ik thats why its pregame not in the real game

But don’t you want them to spawn in the lobby?

Also, I don’t think you can see a spawn pad in the game.