How to make Submit Scan 2.0 (Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩)

I am remaking this from V1, which I made during September.

Here is the original guide. I personally think it should be inproved:

Okay now back to the guide, first simple simple,
Place down a scanner(spawn pad) and set it to team 3
(why? because the spawn pad looks like the scanner but we can’t allow the person to spawn here)

Next place a button
(why? you want to scan yourself)

Next place a laser
0 damage and wire to button
(why? the laser looks like the scanner)

place a wire repeater and wire to laser with this:
(the scanner should turn off)

And you should be done!


Nice guide. Perhaps you could link the original guide?

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the guide is awesome

Done with the link. And I explained it more.:grinning:

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nice! your guide looks better now :slight_smile:

Thank you! @Coolcaden26

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