How to make a working kitchen ( Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩)

Would you like to know how to make a kitchen, where most of the things in it work? Here’s how!


Items needed: Barrier ( From Devices), Greystone barrier ( From Props ), Item Granter, Wire, and button.
Step one: Place your Barrier, go to appearance, Alpha 1.00.
Step two: Copy and paste the barrier, but make the bottom bigger than the top.
Step three: Shrink the barriers, as small as needed, and place them on the right, close to the edge of the right side, like this.
Screenshot 2024-01-04 10.53.01 AM

Step four: Place the button and item granter, and click on " Click to modify " To edit the item granter.
Step 5: Edit the Item to grant and amount to grant. It should look similar to this:

Wire the button to the item granter, ( When button pressed, grant item. ) Also, edit the button to look similar to this.

In the end, it should look like this.
Screenshot 2024-01-04 11.09.51 AM

I know it’s only a fridge. Any Ideas on what to do next?

  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Other…
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If other, comment on what I should do next!

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You should do a stove that makes dishes, like it requires many items to make one item.

Like maybe broken glass?

Make a sink that either givers you water or does a dishes being cleaned animation

Oven, Stove, Sink, etc…

Also maybe you could add an “open/close” door animation for the fridge?

Great Idea! I think that that is a good idea to use!

So will you add it? If not I might make a separate guide for it. I was pretty excited I was able to figure it out without a lot of block experience

noice guide (i also did this, but it wasn’t functional except for the refrigerator one)

part 1:

part 2:

By the way, thanks to @TryEverything, this person has been loyal enough to finish this guide for me. Thank you!!!
Here it is by the way,