How to make a type-talking popup in GKC!

So, you probably don’t know what I’m talking about. I played @Cellofive’s game(Not advertising name) and I saw it, and I wanted to recreate it! It could be used to make a countdown or something!

Step One

Now, first, get a popup and few triggers. I will be making a 321Go countdown here, but you can edit it to make whatever you want! like a message or something!

Step Two

Make the popup like this:

And the Triggers like this:

(The channel’s for something of my game, it doesn’t matter what you name it. Just make it memorable)


Wire them together, from top to bottom now!

Step Three

Go to your blocks for the popup. For block one:

For Block two:

For block three:

The speed just makes it so that they can’t move while the popup is in motion. So yeah. Also you should make it so that the popup cannot be closed by player. You should make it so that the popup closes at the last one.

So, I hoped you liked this guide!
-@Blizzy out


Nice guide, Blizzy. helpful.

Nice Guide! Has anyone made a full out huge dialogue where it types like that?

I have made pretty big popup dialogues. not sure if i’ve made any like this tho.

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I think @Cellofive did in his game! It’s pretty nice. Thanks @sir_lancelot!

I have. Currently the guide draft is 8 pages long and only 60% done.

Heres a reference:

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Very cool! so its moving while the popup shows instead of using multiple popups! NICE

Also, Great job explaining it!

Oh yeah I remember doing this in my game :slight_smile:
I think I did it to prevent lag [1] and the lag was so bad you could walk through walls

  1. because everything was starting up at the start of the game ↩︎

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Yeah you could make one too!

What is your game called, @Cellofive?

I don’t like advertising

Oh ok sorry…

I’m not 100% sure on what the actual blocks would be (just woke up), but I’m pretty sure you can do this with only one block instead of three. Otherwise, nice guide!

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You can as in the original typewriter text guide, but, as i have interpreted it, this is an alternate version to stop lag.

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I know. I wrote the guide you linked.