How to make a stairway with two(or more) floors | Difficulty 1/10

Hey guys! I’ve seen questions about this, so I’m making this guide now!

First, make your first floor. Now, make a staircase. You can use layers.

Make a trigger like this:

When you step on the trigger, it will make you go to the ‘next floor’.

Make your second floor. Put a teleporter like this at the front of the stairway:

Repeat these steps to make a functional stairway!



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Finished product:

thanks, this will help.


You can also use camera angles instead of a teleporter

But after two levels, wouldn’t you need one anyway?

Well, you could just use 2 teleporters with different channels

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Ooh, and instead of the triggers you could use teleporters with groups!

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What abt using a zone, to a game overlay, that’s connected to a teleporter, and when the button is clicked, it will tp the player to the next floor?

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Nice job!