How to make a speed upgrade for your game! [Difficulty::green_square:]

Here’s how to make a speed upgrade!
You’ll need a…
-Vending Machine
-Speed Modifier
Step I
Go to your vending machine and under “Purchase Action”, and put “Transmit On Channel”
Put your desired cost for the upgrade, and the name and description of your speed upgrade.
Step II
Go to the Speed Modifier and under “Speed” put your desired speed.
Step III
Connect a vending machine to the speed modifier via a wire.
Put “Item purchased” on the left side, and put “Set player to configured speed” on the right.
If you want an icon for the upgrade, go to [this link] for your desired icons!(Icons)


Thanks for the tutorial. :slight_smile:



Bump. Just realized that difficulty in the title was spelled wrong.

Oh no I bumped into a person with a speed upgrade!

hey! watch it!

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