How to make a simplified and easily changeable animation system! :D version 2

so what this does is it well simplifies animation and makes it more easily speed tuned than tediously changing like 10 triggers delay to the same number (note this system does have a downside you cannot have different delays this system has the same delay for each action it does) also this can loop animations too!
so first what you will need is

  1. triggers 3x
    2.counters 2x
  2. property 1x
  3. repeater 1x
  4. lifecycle (optional) 1x

so first take 2 triggers also the lifecycle and make a trigger loop with the lifecycle connected to the delayed trigger (you may change the trigger delay to whatever you want on the first one) and then place a 0 delay trigger next to the delay trigger and make them both transmit on “trigger” then wire them to eachother like this
the one without the delay makes it so the first one is the time it takes run one loop around exactly basically making it more accurate and easy to adjust by just editing one trigger next place the third trigger and make it trigger upon recieving on “trigger” you may make the third to have a delay and it still works the same next place a counter next to the third trigger and wire the trigger to the counter [triggered= increment counter] next go to the counters settings and put them like this

(note you may change the counters target depending on how many frames there are in the animation)

next go back to the third trigger and make it deactivate on “reset counter” and then place down a number property and keep it global scoped doesn’t matter what you name it so make the first counter update that property and make the third trigger’s block code like this

next place a repeater with settings like this

and wire it to a second counter set the target to whatever you want depending on the delay b4 u want the animation to start again and have it broadcast on “activate trigger” and make the third trigger activate on that channel and the 2nd counter reset on that channel and after all that your system should look like this

delayed trigger changes how fast your animation goes with each second
the first counter determines how much frames your animation has
the 2nd counter determines how long until the animation loops again
(note make sure that how long the repeater lasts matches to the 2nd counters target exactly)


Nice Guide!
I hereby give you…
The average approval!


perhaps use a wire repeater instead of the not delayed trigger? it’s cheaper


@Foxy , That’s what i did in a guide a very long time ago: How to make animation easily!

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trigger is more customizable and has a wider range of delay numbers

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for the non delayed one if your not using the options you might want to use the cheaper one just a suggestion

That’s fair

I wish the wire repeater could use blocks :frowning:

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use a notification for blocks

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maybe but it is optional and up to the user of the guide (gawds I was absolutely brutalizing my spelling for a sec lol )

Nice guide! Also, what @Foxy said!
Being more efficient is essential in making animation.

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true this could be better but it basically costs a little more memory than a looped 5 trigger animation but in return its easier to customize and less tedious

Yeah, that’s understandable.
It’s weird how people pay attention to pfps, but that’s all right.
As said, triggers are OP in animation ~ and channels.

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(MP, I like wires but you can tweak channels more)

after being on the forums for a few months you just kinda memorize them
while I switch often they remain in the same style


yeh wires are good you can visually see what they do instead of guessing where the channel leads to (an endless pit of fox treats maybe? 0.o) but entirely up to opinion there

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my main problem with channels is memorizing which channel is what and naming them all
wires are easier to check for mistakes


fr. if use channels (which is not often) they are really complicated names

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just realized I could do a whole 10 frames per second animation with 400 frames in gimkit a about idk 40-30 percent faster then it would take just trigger spam and configuring like 400 triggers [gawds never realized this system was so gosh darn fun to me ._.] meaning some maniac could do a whole animation meme on gimkit within like 5 or more days 0.0