How do I make sentry's move, (kinda like fnaf with AI) because every guide to it is too confusing for my goofid brain 2 process

I’m trying to make a fnaf game in gimkit but I cant figure out how to make the sentries to move, its confusing me

You can’t make sentries move yet. You’ll have to make a property for each animatronics position and make it change with a trigger and activate the sentry when it goes in the door

I don’t know what you mean, I literally only know simple wiring and that’s it…

use preset sentries that activate and deactivate depending on stuff. sorry if “stuff” is vague

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Like some people are saying, sentries can’t move but you can deactivate a sentry in one area and spawn one the area u are trying to move it to.

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maybe you should grind the guides lol

huh?, I’m still confused

say there’s a hallway and there is a “foxy” sentry that runs through there. have 2 sentries there and upon an event occuring, the first one at the start of the hallway is activated. using a wire repeater with a 1 second delay, the 2nd sentry at the end of the hallway is activated and the 1st sentry is deactivated.

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wait can you like draw it out i got dropped on my head when I was a baby

wait what…

I’m confused on what you want me to do

anyways… like can you like draw it in the game if you can???

you can’t draw in the game -_-

I’ll get a screenshot though.
wait a sec pls

Something like this:

Click on the zone
Go to your second sentry
On your first sentry, set it to deactivate on “OFF” and on you second one, set it to ACTIVATE on "OFF

OHHHHHHHH thanks now it makes a lot more sense, so I just repeat it over and over again

yes, for whatever and however many you need
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I would recommend making said “moving thing” out of barriers, as sentries take up a lot of memory

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or use a prop like a snowman
sirwywy → fr recorders should not be considered instruments at ALL

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