How do I make sentry's move, (kinda like fnaf with AI) because every guide to it is too confusing for my goofid brain 2 process

Well, if you use this method, to repeat this you would either need to add one more zone and that will get complicated and if you want it to turn on and off on a set time, repeaters and counters will be needed and I am too tired to send picture of how to do that.

no one uses repeaters these days :skull:

I do and I love them!

then you should look at this:

and what about the jump scare ,( like when they get in your office?)

On certain games I do that like when I need to use more than ten repeaters.

Zones are perfect. They walk into the office then pops up a sentry firing zappers at them.

I gtg. triggers are better for memory and he needs animation kinda not really what ur trying to say

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Search before making a help post please

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I’m sorry I’m to lazy to search,

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