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I have a theory…if we use animation mechanics, but we make it so the template animation mechanics and props not only activate the template, but will run on channels, so it you can just copy the props as it runs on channels…will save tons of map memory…But I need help with theorizing and finding ways to use this, and what devices can be used, and the best ways it can be created to have multiple uses. (and be memory efficient)
can some people help me brainstorm devices, and ways we can do this?

more simplified explanation

Figure out what devices can be best be used to create animations using a template that connects to props that can just be copied and moved around…and what ways we can most effectively do this and all the uses that can be implemented in the system at once.

anyone there? can someone help? i know the basics for the system but i would like someone or some people to help me fine-tune the idea to make a memory saving, good animation system.

Use concatenation to broadcast on the next channel in the animation, then just give the right channels to the right props. That should be about as optimized as you can get.

that’s what i have, but i want help finding the best memory efficient way…like what devices and a system it can broadcast and be used for different animations with same props.

this would be easily adjustable
it trades off a good amount of memory for alot of frames that are able to be added it works with channels you just have to ho0k up the channels to the props

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i’m looking for a little on-topic chat of theories and ideas/methods we can successfully create a better animation method.

however most frames I’ve done with dat is about 48
with 2 frames per second

Make a trigger that calls itself, and give it a delay of however much you want. In block code, write the code to broadcast on the turn on and turn off channels, and then broadcast on the recruse chanel.

The method I’ve proposed is only about 600 memory for the thing that runs the animation, and then each prop you want to use. That’s about as good as you’re going to get.

okay…HOW did i not see this? ive searched for animation guides for a while…sighs…well there goes my idea…nevermind.

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