How to Make a Sentry Follow You [Sorta Mini-guide] 1/10

Hey buddy, let me let you on a little secret

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Good, now for the guide

So in case any of you wanted to know you can teleport sentries in Platformer!!! That would be bbsi wouldn’t it? But we’re not here to talk about the tag, but instead a sentry can now follow you when you go somewhere, and that’s what we’re here for (I hope). It’s pretty simple as well, so simple it takes about 2% or 3% for what I’m about to make, so le’s get crackin’.

What you’ll need:

  • 3 zones
  • 1 sentry (duh)
  • 6 zones
  • 4 barriers at least, but my guide uses more (You’ll see)

Finshed product:

(You’ll see)

See? No? Well to bad then.

Another idea:

Top-Down Method that stycker is working on

(Thank you @stycker). This system would allow the player to in a way make it to where you could make a “moving” sentry with the same amount of health for how much you do. While this is cool it’s extremely memory ineffiecnt.

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How it works:
I’ll explain this guide while using the picture, so whenever the player goes into one of those zones they use channels to brodcast to deactivate the barrier under the sentry. Of which the sentry falls, and is telepoorted to it’s target.

What this could be used for (ideas please):

  • A moving “pet” sentry that attacks the other team. -Cap
  • An animated boss battle. -Cap
  • Just to annoy someone. -Cap

Before anyone decided to make a guide on this I decided I would. Thanks for reading, this was my first mini-guide, and I like it and hope you do, so remember to like it. Tell me if I did something wrong, too.

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for guides like this I suggest adding a GIF of the finished product

I tryed to figure that out with my other guides, but I couldn’t. I instead attached a canva link in one of my guides, but no one told me if it works.

here use this to convert a screen recording

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I couldn’t figure out how to make it work, so if someone could do it I will give you credit and thanks.

@Captain-Gim good guide I like the idea.

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This only works on platformer mode, right?

Sadly, yes.

why would it only work on platformer?

Sentry Interactions isn’t a thing in top-down mode anymore.

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wdym? pls elaborate more.

okay. this guide uses sentry interactions (sentrys going through teleporters), which is patched in top-down maps a while ago, I think.


but you can use buttons, and zones. ex. player enters zone > activate sentry
(sentry not active on game start of course)
then you do that a bunch of times, and then it looks like its moving.

okay, but how is that related in any way? wouldn’t be possible to move sentries that shares the health without sentry interactions. do you get this?


ohhh. you are right. thanks for explaining. :slight_smile:

theres also another method that works in topdown that uses multiple sentries. as players enter and exit zones the sentries activate and deactivate. not as efficient as this but still works!!

great guide though. this is gonna be helpful for my adventure map!! : D


This version would allow the player to continues damaging the same sentry, but in top-down it doesn’t. Good point though.

(I wonder) Would it be possible to somehow track how much damage a sentry has taken?


Dang never thought of this


hmmmm maybe, ill go see what i can do

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maybe you can use a checker. but that would use up a LOT of memory, because then you would have to have 100 sentries in one place.
(if you could make it check the amount of health)

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