How to make a Pseudo-Inventory [WIP]


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Blizzy's Version!

Okay, first of all, list to ALL the items: Items - @Blizzy
There are 65 DISTINCT items, not including the different rarities of the Gadgets. I think. If I counted right…
Now, add a game Overlay that is a BUTTON on the top right corner, called “Store Items”.
Note: I’m using all 65 REAL items, not pseudo-items like @clef!
2nd Note: To select what item you want to store, guess what, you need TONS of popups! And Properties for each, and so on. This is so that you can ACTUALLY Store your items in a “secret” area, and if you click a button to take out items, you can.

clef's Version!

To have a inventory, ya need an item! Same for pseudo-inventories! Let’s first make a pseudo-item! Place down a property and name it your item. For me, I’ll name it “Axe”. After that, do this:
Screenshot 2023-11-30 9.59.14 AM
Let’s say you want your character to grab your item when you press a button, right? Place down your button and set it to this:
Screenshot 2023-11-30 12.32.29 PM
Once you’re done with that, place down a trigger and set “Trigger When Receiving On” to “Grab (Item Name)”. After that, make a block for the trigger and do this:
Screenshot 2023-11-30 12.36.24 PM
Now your done with your item! Lets make your inventory! Place down a game overlay and set “Overlay Text” to “Open Inventory”. Also set “When Button Clicked On, Transmit On” to “OpenInven” and set “Overlay Type” to “Button”. After that, make a popup and do this:

Screenshot 2023-11-30 12.42.57 PM
After that, place down a repeater and do this:

Next, place down a lifecycle and set “When Event Occurs, Transmit On” to “GameStart”. Next, go back into your popup and make a block for “When Receiving On Chanel…” and set “Chanel Name” to “UpdateInven”.

Blackfox´s version!

(note this is a 3 item pseudo inventory system so if you want more slots in this inventory you have to add ALOT more devices especially if you want to include all the items)
this system also take ALL the items from ur inventory and into the properties depending on how many item properties you have and with all that done lets get into it

the game overlays

so make sure to have 2 game overlays one not active on gamestart one active on game start also make sure they are buttons name the one active on game start ¨put in inventory¨ and the other one not active on gamestart ¨take out inventory¨ and make them transmit on channels according to their names but we´ll get to what they transmit to on later steps but for now place trigger with a delay of 0.0015 as wire repeaters and make each game overlay hide itself when pressed and show the opposite game overlay when pressed also like this:
Screenshot 2023-12-01 10.33.54 AM

the give and take system

so you will need 6 of each item listed below
item granters
playerscoped number properties
and the exception of 3 IIMs
name 3 properties after the item they will store and the other 3 the same but with ¨amount¨ at the end place 6 checkers and make them all have one check and make half of them check when recieving on ¨put in inventory¨ and the other half check when recieving on ¨take out inventory¨ and make each of them transmit to either ¨take(item specified)¨ or ¨give (item specified) make sure one half gets a single channel specified above and the other gets the remaining channel now place the 3 IIMs next to the ¨(specified item) amount¨"properties and make them track the item that is specified on the properties and update them based on how much the player has now place down the 6 item granters and make half of them them have similar code and settings to this only they correspond to the checkers and this this code is the ¨giving¨ code so make the checkers send out corresponding to the item granter they go to and set the checks to each
¨(specified item) amount ¨property and make them pass check if greater than 0:

and make the take system almost as same as the give system but withthe item granters block code like this

the finished system should be like this
(sorry for the horrible laptop writing)


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Nice guide!

Nice wip, hope you guys get to finish it.
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I saw clef’s psuedo-inventory post and I think it would be quite easy, you can use an Overlay and Popup with infinite call-to-actions to select an item and to simulate the backpack and a Counter linked to a Property for the pseudo-items which you can increment when you do an action that grants you the pseudo-item.


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“Pseudo” means “fake”, and in other words, it means another way to do something that already there. As in “pseudo walls” that stuff


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Hi! So what I was thinking for the pseudo-inven was pseudo-items that are not added to the game… yet… I won’t be really online during school hours.

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goodpoint but do you mind if i help @Blizzy ? i have some experience handling blocks and i can modify the bank system to make a simpler version of it and pseudo items seems interesting and possible so yeah im up for it