How to make a population counter for sentries

@Coolcaden26 wanted me to make another version of his guide, so, here it is!
First, you place a sentry, of course. Then, make a property, make it a number property.
Then, make a counter. Set it like this:

Make the count scope globle.
Then, when a sentry is knocked out, make it brodcast on channel “Sentry knocked out.” Then, make the starting value for the counter X, which is the amount of sentries spawned in on game start, make the property also have a starting value of X.
Then, place a wire repeater, make it repeat the pulse when the sentry is knocked out. (use wires) Then, set the delay to the respawn time. Last, when the wire repeater recives a pulse, Increment the counter.

That is all for the property, next, place a overlay. Then, set the block code to “when reciving on channel” and make the channel “Sentry knocked out.”
Last, set block code like this:
Screenshot 2024-01-10 4.53.58 PM
You are done now, This is @Coolcaden26’s guide:

How to make a “population” counter for sentries [Difficulty: blue_square]


Nice! This could be important when you’re trying to eliminate sentries. Maybe add a notification part where if you have only a few left, it shows in a notification. definitely gonna use this.

Congrats on Regular

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With what device?

On a sentry I suppose.

With the sentry, of course:
Screenshot 2024-01-10 5.22.27 PM

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Oh, I thought it was a KO Manager.
Would a KO manager work?


If you set it to track when sentries are knocked out, then yes.


Wait, how are we wiring it?

He literally says in the post you just quoted.

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So ko manager → Wire Repeater → Counter?

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Wait, if there’s no respawn time for the sentries, the delay is 0, right?

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Almost zero, with a tiny delay just because.

Do you mean decrement? I’m confused, why would we go back up?

That means it will go back up when the sentry respawns, returning it to normal operation.

So that process isn’t used if they don’t respawn, correct?



I should still follow the rest of the instructions?


how did you bypass the 20 character minimum

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You put only letters [no other character types] within < >'s.