How to make a population counter for sentries

I tried that and it didn’t work

Read my post again.

yeah i tried to do that

do filler like <ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff>

ok, no more clutter. test it on your own time and in your own place

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  1. <
  2. <Your Message
  3. < Your Message >
    (No Spaces)

(post deleted by author)

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Because the senty respawned

Well, that’s the only option.

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I know, but sometimes it says “on wire pulse”

What is the property type? Text or Tracked Item?

I said:

My bad, I meant overlay…

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I thought everyone would know, it’s a text, because you can’t show text on a tracked item overlay

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:frowning: I didn’t.

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Amazing guide @gimmaster12345.


How would I make the overlay show at the start? I have it on show on game start but it only starts to show when I kill the first sentry.

I don’t know how to do that

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@getrithekd do you know how?

I asked you because you’re active

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Have a lifecycle trigger the block on game start.

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Lifecycle wired to what?
Or channels?

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