How to make a player drop their items when they are knocked out (Difficulty: 3/10 🟩)

There has been a guide on this in the past, but I’m here to clear up any confusion. (I also think this is way simpler!)

Step 1

Place a lifecycle. Have it set to on game start.

Step 2

Place an inventory item manager. Set it to whatever item you are using in your map. Set the max to whatever number you want (if you don’t want an item limit, set it to a high number.)

Screenshot 2024-02-27 12.42.57 PM

Step 3

Wire the lifecycle to the inventory item manager, like shown below.

Step 4

Place another lifecycle. Set it to on player knocked out.

Step 5

Place an item granter. Have it grant the item you chose from earlier. Set the amount to grant to the number you chose from earlier.

Screenshot 2024-02-27 12.48.04 PM

Step 6

Wire the lifecycle (the one for on knockout) to the item granter. Set it like shown below.

Congratulations! You have successfully made players drop their items when they get knocked out. You can repeat from step 2 however many times you need, depending on how many items you have in your map.

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This is a duplicate guide. We don’t need another one of these…
unfortunately, @UglySonic47

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if you would have read the first sentence you can see why i posted it…

plus the previous one didn’t work but now theres a fix and its extremely confusing

there are ways to make sure you still have the item and this is still a dupe

Isn’t this a setting in the game though?

no, it isnt. theres only delete and keep

like i said before, if you would read the first sentence you would see why i posted it

But there’s this…
You could just credit them if you had the same idea.

Just go to chapter 6, and the main point of your guide will be in the original guide.

Also, i don’t know how that guide i linked made any confusion. It adds explanation and images.

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@UglySonic47 Remember to credit other guides that came before you!


Can’t this already be a setting???

because you guys were rude to me for no reason. like ill delete it if its the end of the world if theres a “dupe”.

buddy, you need to clear the player’s inventory afterward…

you dont have to, depending on your style of game

so the person just has a full inventory? 9999999 items?

like i said before, it depends on your type of game. if they respawn, then yes they would.

Is there a way to make it so that the player that got the knockout gets that item? Great guide

Are you talking about if someone eliminates the player

Yes, but I don’t want for just anyone to get an item upon knockout. I want for the player that knocked out the player with the item to get the item. Does that make sense? I couldn’t find a better way to explain.

not to my knowledge. ill let you know if i find anything

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