How to make a melee weapon (Kind of?)

So as you may know, melee weapons aren’t possible, or are they, so today I will be showing you how to make a one-team melee weapons

. game overlay
. wire repeater
. tag zone

Step 1.
Get a game overlay and add these settings (P.S. For the overlay, you need to make an authority thing for both sides so it doesn’t show for team 2, Ask @getrithekd for help on that, he helped me with that)


Step 2.
Get a wire repeater and set it to these setting

Step 3.
Get a tag zone and set it to these settings


Step 4.
Wire the game overlay so that when pressed it activates the wire repeater, and wire the wire repeater to the tag zone, and make it so that when the wire pulse runs, deactivate the tag zone.

That is it, I hope you enjoy


Hmm, this is good, I could see me using this!

the bad thing is that it doesn’t do damage, and instantly respawns people, The good thing is, that you are forced to switch off your main weapons, so it is risky to use

True, but, could you use a health generator (Forgot what it was called, and haven’t used it in a bit)?

You can’t take away health with it, yet

Health granter

My bad my bad, I have stuck to an alternate health system, so I don’t really use weapons/health related devcices.


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What is this system?

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Ive had this for a while

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Ohhh I thought you meant you had a different fps damage mechanic

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No No, With this system I can make a smooth sword attack, or any animation can be an attack, so no more awkward lasers

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How do you do the animation?

Uhh, like for example, I make a sword emoji move with trigger delays and text

Somebody else did this too

Oh yeah, I remember that

Idea for make melee weapons with health:

  1. Go to your tag device and turn of respawn player
  2. Make a property called “Health”
  3. Wire (or use channels) the tag zone to a trigger so when player gets tagged, trigger
  4. Run some block code in the trigger
If   | get property (Health) = 0             | then
Do   | Broadcast message on channel (respawn)
     | Set property (Health) 
       Value: 100
Else | Set property (Health)
       Value: get property (Health) - 10
  1. Have a force respawn that runs on channel “respawn”

That’s it! Ten lives!

This is sort of like what I did for the player/enemy health

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Just without the tag zone? Also, you could use items to represent health if you want.

I made a text maybe I’ll add a text overlay, I linked it so that a button will run code, that decrements a different self-made health system

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