Melee weapon? + 1 team barrier?

I see people going like

how do I make a melee weponnn!?!?!?

and while I was playing around with gimkit creative I found out you can add a tag range to the tag zone (WHAT!?!?!?)

so just make a game overlay and when its pressed actavate the tag zone then use a wrie repater to deactavate the tag zone like 0.25 secs later

then like make the range 4 (or whatever the max is)

then your done wow!?!?!?
(i mad this in like 5 mins so pls don’t kill me for the quality)(there’s also probably like 7 other guides on this tbh)(oh yea there’s the other one as well)

the 1 team barrier extra thing wow

just grab a flag thing and set the range of the block zone to 500 or smth (i set it to 1000 once lol :joy:)

then make it the team you dont want to go through
wow that ones done aswell!?!?!?

(i cant do this anymore)

*yep i was right (credit to @Haiasi for showing me the other guide and tags editing)

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Nice guide.
We aren’t using the tags ideas or idea for this guide, they are reserved for help posts asking ideas for their game.
And the tag mini-guide are for short guides but is now unused.

You may also want to credit this guide by @Coffee!

You’re back!

I was right!
also I was at china for 3 weeks


Nice guide!
The tag zone won’t work. If yoou have two players battling in one place and other group in another place, they could intefeer with the other battle, even if they’re very far away.

Nice guide! Remember, pictures are powerful!

Great guide! Try to have better grammar