How to make a house (Easy)

Things needed:
4 Zones
2 Signs
and any flooring

Add your props, and stuff before doing this!
Get 2 zones and 2 signs that are as big as your house.
Make one of the signs 0.15 visible

Connect the 1 of the zones to the dark sign like this…

Now connect the other zone to the lighter sign like this…

Get your other 2 zones and connect one of them to the darker sign…

Then do the same to the other like this…

Now put the 2 BIG zones evenly along your house, and the 2 signs.
Make sure to put those to SMALL signs over at the door way…
It should look similar to this…


Very cool I like how you did the roof!

this has been made before
please search before you post

Can you send me the link to it?

Nice guide! :+1: This does already exist, though, so you may need to put a new spin on it or it could get flagged.


@Foxy, please check Legacies of Gimkit padlet. It’s urgent (and related to the little time we have before the game releases).

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Some guides:




because i live in a house
to cut me off meme compilation ...

Lol, I did one of these guides and it got locked after like 30 minutes, idk why