How to make a Gas Station/Store Fridge

Today I will be showing you how to make a gas station fridge
Screenshot 2024-01-14 3.03.15 PM

this is a screenshot of what the final product will look like

  1. Get the required props
    4x Metal Sign
    1x Metal Shelf
    Screenshot 2024-01-14 2.24.09 PM

  2. Slightly increase the size of the signs to about the size of half the shelf

  3. Put 2 of the signs behind the metal shelf
    Screenshot 2024-01-14 2.29.21 PM

  4. Set the other to signs alpha (transparency) to 0.40

  5. Change the layering of the signs to above players

  6. Now set the signs over the fridge and decorate!
    Screenshot 2024-01-14 2.35.27 PM
    P.S. Whatever you put in the fridge has to go on the above layer

Thanks for reading and I hope this serves you well!


noice guide and tinting


that gas station and store fridge look really cool @GimfishCollector


Now I can get my Coca-Cola from Gim Gas!


Me Personally I prefer GimDew™ (All rights reserved)

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nice art guide, you could also add this to this:

This is cool, nice guide!


Nice guide! Yeah I can’t wait for the Gimgulp drink prop to come out!

Very cool! You can also use a barrier. Remove the outline and change the transparency.

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