How to make a door in Gimkit Creative!

You need: 10 Barriers
Screenshot 2024-02-19 12.43.28 AM
Next do this,
Screenshot 2024-02-19 12.44.57 AM
Then this,
Screenshot 2024-02-19 12.47.24 AM
Finally this,
Screenshot 2024-02-19 12.48.07 AM
Screenshot 2024-02-19 1.21.10 AM


wow! nice.

Did you try it, and did it work? (HINT: Make sure the LAYERS are correct!)

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I also subscribed to your YouTube channel😁

If you see this please tell me 1->10 how it goes:)

Nice First Guide @x-manbloom & Welcome to the forums!


  1. removed ideas and mini-guide from this
  2. include the tints
  3. include instructions on where to place everything (words!)
  4. grid snap exists
  5. you only have 24 hours to edit this
  6. @JDAT_Is_Cool there is a like button for a reason

and sorry for criticizing everything


It’s a good first guide, but this isn’t really needed. There are lots of how-to-make houses, that have doors, and there are also prop wikis.

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you can’t add anything to those two and this might be a bit big for cool things you can do with props and this is really barrier art

Ik you can’t add anything but they also show how to make doors
and yeah, it’s barrier art, but it’s still not really needed

True, there are many a guide on how to do this. And while we do not mean to create trifle, this has been done. Tremendous guide!


I think this could stay if they fix a few things


Hello! I think we may find one of the props in GIMKIT, barrier. And also an interactive device, button. You may add a wire to the button and barrrier and it should be when I press the button, the barrier should made invisible. This is how i make ddors, and hope u guys like it!

A barrier is considered a device and are you trying to add on or make a tutorial?

There is a prop called barrier

Well yes but still…

sorry… I tried to make something helpful but you guys are mean so i am going to ban your guys ACCOUNT, MEANIES first i have to find out how to do this…

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I was bout to say
I thought this was another usual door guide
its an art post