How to do all the animatronics from FNAF Simplified

DIsclaimer there already is an amazing guide on this but for the new people they might think of this as hard so here is an easy way to do it. A lot of this will be similar but it will be much easier.
Also FNAF maps are not allowed

Bonnie ai

Bonnie ai
Do your classic Lifecycle to a repeater to the trigger. wire them together. make the repeater delay four seconds and make it stop on the channel.

Block Code.

Put a armor stand and make it activate when receiving BonnieMove and make it deactivated on game start. Copy and paste another one and wire the new one so when prop made visible hide Prop and wire the old one so when the prop made hidden stop repeater. Wire the armor stands together.

Wait a minute! Why do I Stop the repeater well now all you gotta do Is copy and paste the trigger and repeater and make it so when first prop made visible start repeater and the block code instead of broadcasting on BonnieMove you do BonnieMove1 and make the second one show when receiving on BonnieMove1. Add all the armor stands where you want and make it be BonnieMove that is the number you want.
Finished product

Foxy Ai

Not that @Foxy Foxy the real fox from FNAF.
This barely needs any block code.
Start by doing the classic lifecycle repeater system for bonnie Go in the trigger block and do this.
Just like the last one. Put a counter makes its target value 3 make it increase on FoxyStageUpgrade put a zone where Foxy is like your camera Wire it so when player enters the zone stop repeater and make it Transmit on channel when player leave PlayerLeft. Make the repeater start on PlayerLeft.

Now put another counter, make the target value 5 put a repeater put the task interval to one and make it stop after a number of repetitions that number is 5. Wire the first counter to the new repeater.

Wire the new repeater to the new counter.

Put a end game and make it so when the new counter reaches it target end game

Go to the prop you use for your left door and the wire should look like this. You are going to do the new repeater and the new counter.


That is it now for the finish product wi\ait make it so when the old counter reaches it target value stop the old repeater.

Chica ai

WIP should be similar to Bonnie ai

Golden Freddy

Do the regular beginning and make the random integer 1 to 5000 = to 5000 and make it broadcast on channel GoldenFreddy that the block code. put a popup and make it activate when receiving on GoldenFreddy and make is so when popup close end game.


Cool guide!

Nice guide - why do you have “ai” on all the details?

Because that the ai system.

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Nice guide but where’s freddy?

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His ai is probably not possible in GKC sadly.

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At least try to do golden freddy

I could try I would just make a random integer from 1 500000 and make a popup and he kill you when you pop up close. There happy. @T_Sonic54


I’m happy :slight_smile: i wasn’t trying to be or sound mean in any way

I know I will edit for golden freddy.

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quick question:
Does this work with barrier art?

Idk maybe probably yes

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Okay, I will see if it does.

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Oh, and I can’t use anymore repeaters, because gimkit won’t let me.

Oh then use a wire trigger loop.

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So like this?

Ignore the code please.
I reloaded it so it won’t work. Safe for now.

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Don’t use wire repeater use triggers loops

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so wire the lifecycle into the trigger and make the trigger activate the next one and so on?

Yeah I could show you my system later today al like 6:00

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