How to create the color switch platformer in gimkit?

I want to create a platformer base on there is a notification pop up tells you which color is same and after a moment the unsafe color will hided. This process is very difficult for me to achieve and I really want to create the kind of one that can randomly switch, means different time will have different safe color, not the same line as always. May you guys help me?

You can use colored barriers connected to a randomizer (see a tutorial) with them hooked up to notifications. If you need more elaboration, please let me know.
Thanks, JellyProductions.

Community Made Guides in Help Guide: How To Make Color Switch

Step 1: Design your area how you want. Decorate it and all that stuff. I used Sand and sand supplies for mine.

Step 2: Get 2 metal poles. In one put activate in red show and deactivate on blue show. On the other pole do the same thing but Activate in blue show and deactivate on red show

Step 3: Get 2 Game Overlays, and slap this code in one:
Screenshot 2024-04-13 073121
and slap this code in the other:
Screenshot 2024-04-13 073128

That should be it. That’s only the mechanics though. Hope this helped and Cap out.

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Thank for your replying. However, may you eleborate more, like which device is require and how to we wires them for the overall result. I do try this for a long time, but the result is the same. May you please eleborate more.

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Is there someone can give me a details of every steps?

Thank you, but it’s not quite the thing I’m digging about.

Put two color barriers on top of each other. Have one activated on game start, the other deactivated. Have a lifecycle listen for the game start, and have it transmit on channel/wire to a trigger with a delay of 1 second. Have it activate the barrier that is deactivated on game start, and deactivate the other. Have it also trigger another trigger which deactivates the one deactivated on game start, and activate the other.

Here is what going on my platform. There is a notification come out randomly express the safe color and after a second all other color props will hide. And this process need to repeat amount of time and random color at each time. The player need to decide quickly where to go, unless they will fall. This is my prupose and idea on this gamemode. By watching your opinion, it’s great. But it cannot achieve what I admire about.

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Make a trigger with a delay and a randomizer and wire it to a wire repeater, then make a wire from the wire repeater back to the trigger. If you want to to start when the game starts, make a lifecycle and wire it to the trigger (when event occurs, trigger)

How do I make randomizer?

There’s definitely more out there, but here are 2.

Basically, have a variable pick a number from 1 to 4, in your case. You then need to build a few if then statements. Different numbers are assigned different colors, so 1 is red, 2 is green, etc. The randomizer doesn’t choose these in order, so it will always be random.

Here are some steps you can follow @EFEBVY:

1) Make a randomizer as the comments above said. (Note: At the start of the game make a lifecycle listen for the game start.)

2) When the randomizer picks the number 1, it broadcasts a message on a channel to make the colors you want disappear.

3) Then, start a repeater to count the seconds to wait. When it is done, broadcast a message to a trigger

4) On that trigger, in the code, make everything re-appear and broadcast a message to start the randomizer again.

5) Repeat that for the other three numbers in the randomizer. Each one goes to the repeater because you want all of the barriers to re-appear.

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@EFEBVY Do you still need help?

Coincidentally, I have made this exact same thing in one of my maps. I might explain this later on, but can’t right now.