How to Create an Emergency meeting like from among us?

Hey I Need some help to make an among us map so plz give me some tips to make an among us map

A relay device in tandem with a teleporter should get you set up.
If you can make it so that when [triggering action] happens, it notifies the relay device. In the device settings, set scope to global, or whatever it does say that translates as closely to the instructions instead (because I’m pretty sure that it has different wording.) Next, make it so that when the relay device is ‘triggered’ (for lack of a better term) every player is forced to teleport to the given teleporter using wires or channels. Is that all?



If you want to teleport all players to a specific area when a button is pressed, you can add a button, a relay, and a teleporter. Wire the button to the relay and set the wire to “when button pressed - trigger relay.” Then, click on the relay and set Relay Audience to “Everybody.” Finally, wire the relay to the teleporter and set the wire to “relay trigger - teleport player here.” All players will teleport to the teleporter when the button is pressed.

Pls respond if you wan’t me to tell you how to set up a voting system. I am currently making an aong us map, and I have some ideas but they are all very complicated and would take a while to explain, so I will only explain if you ask.

Me too. You seem vaguely familiar… Have I read you somewhere?

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