How do u make health upgrade?

I need them for the final boss battle!!!

Do you mean increasing total health? Making a regeneration-style thing?

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In How to get old guides back? [RESOLVED], Can you post this link Community-Made Guides | Gimkit Creative? I really want to help, but I can’t.

In How to Create an Emergency Metting like from among us?, can you post this:
A relay device in tandem with a teleporter should get you set up.
If you can make it so that when [triggering action] happens, it notifies the relay device. In the device settings, set scope to global, or whatever it does say that translates as closely to the instructions instead (because I’m pretty sure that it has different wording.) Next, make it so that when the relay device is ‘triggered’ (for lack of a better term) every player is forced to teleport to the given teleporter using wires or channels. Is that all?

Thank you so much!

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yes, is that possible (the first one!)

Hey Jack! What I suggest is you add a button so that once the player presses that button it will grant them health. You can do this by wiring a button to a health granter. If you meant buy the health then do the same thing, but replace the button with a vending machine.

Thank you so much!!!

What do you mean you ran out of posts???!!!

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