How to get old guides back? [RESOLVED]

I spent a lot of time making guides and would like to get them back. How do we recover the old forum? I see that the forum is totally new, but the site URL itself is the same. They could’ve just been embedding the old forum page. If this is the case, does anyone have the page, and does it still work?

Unfortunately, we had to shut down the old forum for moderation reasons. We were disappointed that people weren’t able to follow the rules and I’m sorry for your lost work. This forum has much better moderation tools and fits our needs better. You can create guides and provide answers here without worrying about losing them.

Hi there!

We didn’t want people to lose their hard work so you can access your guides again here: Help | Gimkit Creative

This will only stay open until June 17th, at which point everything will be lost permanently.

Thank you for helping your fellow Gimkit Creative fans! :blush: