How to create a Mario kart renegade round up jail [WIP]

first,build a four wall jail and add a button by the jail then put trigger and set the settings to triggered by collision, no then wire the button to the trigger and click button clicked trigger
then wire it to the four walls and do trigger pressed deactivate prop and finally add another trigger set triggered by collision to no and 5 sec delay wire the button to this trigger to and set it to button presses trigger and quickly wire the trigger to all four sides and do triggered show prop

and this is it I would do pictures and caps but they aren’t working

What do you mean they aren’t working? Also, this is super short. If you need to, please use a draft by clicking the close button, then save draft for later.
Edit: Also, try to break this up, it is essentially one giant sentence, which is super hard to read.

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Can you stop, it’s their first guide, at least tell them it was nice


okay, chill. I’m just tired of half the new guides being like 3 sentences with no pictures.

Your guide is very confusing. I would suggest formatting the guide in a better way. Also, I hate to be the grammar police, but add periods.

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Welcome to the forums! This is confusing, but add pictures (tap the picture looking button) and maybe polish it up. Otherwise, good first guide!

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Welcome! Like already stated above, this guide needs some work! Here’s some random guides that you can take inspiration from on how to organize your next guide! :grinning:

Remember, pictures are powerful!

Okay I’ll work harder on my next guides but it won’t let my paste pictures

Use the snipping tool to make a screenshot. Then, click the copy button. Now hit ctrl + V to paste or right click and click paste.

Does it still not let you paste screenshots?

Did you try using this?

how to image gimforum

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Hello, your editing time had ran out. You can try making a new guide or asking someone to make a wiki for you.

can u delete a guide

any topic, including guides, can only be deleted if there are no comments in it.

that was a nice guide though there can be ways you can improve this!

  1. add pictures! pictures help better understand what you’re trying to show to the community and make your guide seem less short!
  2. more words! you may get flagged for a short guide, so add some more words!
  3. organization. this helps people read it easier, and make the guide look better!

(just read the last sentence. maybe ask someone who can edit this for you! and i’m also assuming they can’t add pictures because they joined five minutes ago.)