How to create a forge! (mini guide) 0/10

first start with marble terrain and outline it with stone barriers like this
Screenshot 2023-11-07 10.20.21 AM
then place these items like this
Screenshot 2023-11-07 10.30.13 AM
and ur done


Nice guide, but you might want to show how you made the building because this is a showcase.

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i kinda did just i went kinda lazy on showing where to put the props so its understandable if it gets flagged as like spam for being so short cuz i was lazy

Nice art! You can also add 0.1 opacity (transparency in-game) black barriers w/o outlines (show border off in-game) to add prop shading and a touch of wood tables could also clear up the emptiness, lighting props with 0.1 opacity yellow barriers w/o outline could also work.

Note: Disabling prop shadows work best with this!

i´ll add that soon thank you!

Lol, i get that, but flagging is picky so I am just warning you. But love to know that the first medieval prop guide came out!

This is a great guide!

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Nice guide!

Why were the stone barriers different colors?

different barriers I suppose