Does anyone have an idea for a house?

I’m making a medieval themed game, if anyone has any suggestions for a medieval themed house, let me know pls! :smiley: Images would be appreciated!

You can make a forge, and bedroom with the new props. You can make a stone-wall house as well. Make a kitchen too!

hmmmmmm I’ll try that. What’s a forge tho?

You could add the newly-added medieval props and more specifically, the walls for, yes, the wall of the house and maybe barriers for the windows.
Have a button next to the door of your house that seems to teleport you inside the house but actually teleports you to another room that seems to be the inside.
Add some forges, crafting areas and maybe candles because light wasn’t available in the medieval times?

Yeah, I like that idea.

You can also use triggers to teleport you

AWESOME FORGE!!! I’ll use it.

Sorry, not the best builder

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Don’t worrry, it’s fine! All builds are welcome! It’s pretty nice!

I never thought a sign could be a door!

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You never know… GKC is as much Creativity as it is Blockcode heavy. I like to say think outside of the box. If you can’t find a prop you want, then make one!

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Usually, when I make a house I’ll make an outline to start with. Ten, rooms, and lastly props. But, make sure to add at least 1 bedroom a kitchen, and a living room but you decide.

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