How to Bypass Shield Can limit 4/10 or 🟧

The words a creative player hates
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This was supposed to be in OWO and Snowy Survival, not our own maps!
But thanks to the devices and wires of Gimkit Creative you can now bypass it!

This guide is simple but if you don’t understand how it works then you will find it complicated

How this works (please read, if you don't the rest will be confusing)

Lifecycle, Relay, 1rst Checker, 2 wire repeaters: constantly checks if player has shield can from game start

Game overlay: this is the button that starts the rest of the contraption.

Movement meter, (blue key) item granter: This stops the granting process if the player moves, for (blue key) just use an item that you don’t have in your game.

18 wire repeaters, 3 checkers, 3 counters: These check during the 3-second grant process EVERY 0.2 seconds if the player moved (lost the blue key), If the player moved it would reset the counters ( not allowing the target value to be hit, hence not granting the health.

Health granter, item granter (blue key 02), item granter (shield can): the item granters are negative. they take away the shield can (you used it) and the blue key, (it has no use in your game… The health granters grant 25 shield (the shield can amount)

OPTIONAL: 3 notifications, these tell the player how much time before shield is granted.


If you are very good at gimkit creative, the previous part was probably good enough for you.

Look at the image in “how this works” The build is from left to right, up to down.

Lifecycle: Game start
Relay: All players
Checker: 1 check, item amount, shield can, greater than, 0
Wire repeater: 0.1
Wire repeater: 0.1
**Game overlay: **
Button, Bottom Right, Use (overlay text: you can also do “use shield can”) not visible on game start,
Scope: player

item granter: blue key (an item that is not in your game, it was blue key for me), 1
movement meter: blue key (or your item), do not use this device as default, and when player runs out of this resource: set the player speed to (whatever the normal player speed for your game is)

Lifecycle, Relay: Event occurs – Trigger Relay
Relay, Checker: Relay Triggered – Run Check
Checker, wire repeater: Check passes – repeat wire pulse
Checker wire repeater: Check Fails – repeat wire pulse
Wire repeater, Checker: receive pulse – run check
Wire repeater, Checker: receive pulse – run check
Wire repeater (pass), Game overlay: receive pulse – Show overlay
Wire repeater (fails), Game overlay: receive pulse – Hide overlay
Game overlay, movement meter: button pressed activate movement meter
Game overlay, item granter: button pressed – grant item

Checker, Counter, wire repeater:
Checker: 1 check, item amount, blue key, equal to, 1
Counter: not visible, player scope, target value 5, starting value 0
wire repeater: 0.0

Connect them like this
Check passes – increment counter
Check fails – wire repeater – reset counter
Target Value hit – Wire repeater – Reset counter

5 wire repeaters: 0.2 seconds and connect them like this
Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 6.33.17 PM

Connect the 5 wire repeaters to the checker
Receives pulse – Run check
(little complicated so here is an image)

Now do what you just did 2 extra times so that you end up with this

Item granter (-1 blue key)
item granter (-1 shield can)
Health granter (25, shield)

3 notifications
message: 3 seconds, time: 1 second
message: 2 seconds, time: 1 second
message: 1 second, time: 1 second

connect the BOTTOM wire repeater to the notifications like this

NOW!! this part is a little confusing! so maybe label the contraptions like this

connect machine 1’s counter to machine 2’s bottom wire repeater (the one that is connected to the notifications), then connect machine 2’s counter to machine 3’s bottom wire repeater. and connect machine 3’s counter to the 2 item granters and the health granter.

Connect the game overlay to machine 1’s bottom wire repeater:
Button Pressed – Send Pulse

Connect the checkers from machines 1, 2, and 3 to the Movement meter:
Check Fails – Deactivate movement Meter.

Add one last Wire repeater: 3.2 seconds.
Game Overlay, Wire Repeater: Button Pressed – send pulse
Wire Repeater, all 3 counters: Received pulse, reset counter.


Have fun building and stay Kool like Kooly!
keep it Kool

– Chrysostom


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It was for the purpose of saving memory, I didn’t want to use a repeater.

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i dont like that
my eyes dont like that
why did you do this
this is crazy


that is to much

I actually don’t know but you can tell the experts.

Wow! This is really in-depth! Looks like you emulated it as close as you could! Your build and writing style also look like mine if I was organized This is truly a great guide! I can’t wait to see what else you make!


Dang… that is a lot of pressure…lol

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Eh. We have to build each other up if we want to get any better at this game. You’re already pretty good from what I can tell, so you should have an easier time.


How many memory usage does it take?

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lets see intese mathing… 1.13% lol


Wow! This is great (and very detailed lol)!

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Very good!!
I don’t see why you used a lot of these items, and some other things, but i see (at least most of it) how it works!

WAA that’s too complicated for my little brain to understand

@chrysostom why don’t you use just regular reapeaters, you would then only need 1.
It will save more memory ! Did you do that to make it so that it takes 3 seconds?

all this code just to bypass a sheild can limit this is kinda useless… but still a good guide

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Yes, I will admit, ther might be a better way to do this, but have you thought that this is accauly very genuise?
I mean, he was able to incorporate botht the not moving, heal time, and the authnticy of seeing the sheild can leave your inventory? (Pls don’t take this offensively, but I just want you to see that this is NOT useless, infact, I accaully kinda need this for my map…

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im just saying for most maps some maps this may be of help to people

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