Shield Can Limit

yes, i think that too expecially since the map options device now shows up in layers.

I just remembered about the forum Youtube video…


This looks like the devs didn’t know this exists (which is another way to say it’s a bug)

It’s just when people see a random bug topic, they immediately say “Just reload”

lol so true. Anyways, try contacting the Gimkit Maybe they can help.

Ooo cool video. Good work on it.


To be fair, reloading does work on a lot of bugs.

Yeah but people have to consider the nature of the bug and act based on that.

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for some reason, gimkit wont let you get over a max shield limit after you lose it. in normal maps this happens if you have 100 shield, it will only go to 50. Gimkit does this so you cant be literally invincible. it probably is gimkit making the game playable.

what are you even yapping about bro?
cool, but this is gimkit.

Read the post above it. I also think that it’s something the devs missed because we should be the ones to consider what level of shield makes the game playable.

so when using shield can you can only refill till 50 you cant go higher.
in like snowbrawl one way out its also the same.
Lets say you were at 0 ( zero ) shield you can only go up to 50.
Thats why in every time you get a shield can it gives you 2, when you drink one you get 25 shield then when you drink the 2nd one you go to 50 shield.
I hope that answers your question @getrithekd ! :grinning: :+1:

I know why it happens. It’s a bug that the devs need to fix.

look, this isn’t a bug, this is just how the game works… if you want to go past it like in Snowy Survival you can use a system that grants health/ shield every few seconds. Or you can check out a work around like mine How to Bypass Shield Can limit 4/10 or :orange_square:

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in OWO the max health is 250, yet the max shield is still 50…

100 of that is health though. Also, I can say for any bug that that’s just how the game works, so please don’t tell me that.

100 of what is health? also for all the other games it still had a shield can limit. In Snowy Survival and Snowbrawl, it gave you health in different ways, like if you killed then “+ a certain amount of health/shield” and Snowy Survival just plain granted it. I think the game wanted you to add a different method of health granting, OTHER than just med packs and shield cans, and that is why the “health granter device” was brought in the game.

It would be very awkward for the player to not have to hold the shield can some of the time and and have to hold the shield can the rest of the time.

I mean out of 250 health, only 150 is shield.

no, it was 250 health and 250 shield… and the player can drop the shield can, and use it if he gets hit…

yeah you can choose your health and sheild.