Shield Can Limit

I’m making a map where you have 300 max shield. When my shield was at 75, I tried to consume a shield can, but it said that my shield can limit was reached. I checked for any settings concerning this, and found none in the health and shield section.

If you want to solve this bug, don’t give me a workaround. Give me something that fixes the bug itself.


Try refreshing, Maybe that would work

Please. How do you think that refreshing would fix a limit set in the code?



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I think its kinda like the fortnite mechanic where you can only gain up to a certain amount of shield before the can wont let you have anymore

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Yeah I know that. In snowbrawl, they only let you refill half your shield. I guess they didn’t set it to half the max but just to 50.

Yeah, this is an issue for me too. No matter how many shield cans or health I have, the shield can limit always caps at 50. Maybe it’s intentional?

Edit: Yeah it’s probably intentional.


Yeah I think it is. It has been around since snowbrawl so if it was a bug it would probably be patched by now.

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you can bypass (in a way) this limit by using a interface button attached to a vending machine that is connected to a health/shield granter that would grant x shield on use

Yeah I know that, but it’s not as good as a simple shield can. Also, this probably isn’t intentional. Is there a reason to limit the number of shield cans you can consume in a creative map?


I think it’s still the same there too.


If you’ve ever played Fortnite, you could compare this to the Small Shield Potion. Basically, Shield Cans only heal your shields up to 50.

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well it was probably intended because it wouldn’t be that hard to fix if it was a bug

This is not how bugs work.
Simple and easy to fix bugs pop up all the time.

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it is also very noticable if it was a bug it could be patched easily

I don’t think Josh noticed it at all.

It’s just how gimkit works. The game has a built-in cap on 50 shields from shield cans, there really shouldn’t be a way around this.


if he didn’t see it then someone else would have and reported it

Ok… So by that logic, nobody would report it, and it would never be fixed.

Yeah, it’s intentional. All of the game modes are balanced around shield cans not being able to heal you to max, if you haven’t noticed.