Shield Can Limit

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nvm mind they joined in october?

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I believe that the longest running bug that had high usage was a bug that allowed you to set your name to any length you wanted, and it worked for over 2 years before being patched. This was a decently well known bug.

And never assume the gimkit team is perfect! They don’t catch everything, so if you find something, report it :slight_smile:


you already said that with different wording

Hey, I found that bug.

yup also I think players liked that bug so not everyone wanted to report it

Unstable focuses all his time in the gimkit discord lol


Of course- but this is to prove the point that well known bugs can go for long periods of time without being patched.

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Unstable joined before you.

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Lol. He also joined before me.

But I think this is intentional.

Which is also annoying… I feel like you should be able to tweak how much a shield can could give, and add a shield jug…

Same could be said with medkits getting bandages…

That was a bit off topic. Continuing on, I’m pretty sure it’s intentional. It’s pretty annoying, but hopefully it will get changed soon.


sadly we can only request and it’ll probably be a while before it changes

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But I really hope it gets patched. It ruins so many maps sometime.

Feel like they should entirely rework the can. From changing how much it should give, to adding even another shield thingy. Like a shield jug.

But just like you said, we can only request it. :frowning:

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my idea is the ability to disable shield completely
but anyways back on topic


Yes. That would be amazing. But back on topic.

Some things I gather were…

  • It’s intentional
  • Can’t change
  • Not a bug… (probably)
    So yeah.
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This is intentional.

In snowbrawl, they added the health and shield feature, but they made the shield limit 50. Somehow if you get above it, you can’t drink the shield cans until it’s below 50.

Yeah, gimkit probably should add the custom shield limit feature. But i’m not going to add it to nolt.


i don’t think that’s supposed to happen, lemme test


that’s even more broken, no matter what the shield can limit is 50.

it is intentional and there is nothing we can do


It uses a different overlay. I don’t want that. This is a bug, and I won’t mark a solution until it’s fixed.

why exactly?