How to Bypass Shield Can limit 4/10 or 🟧

@Epi320 repeaters are 400 memory, using all the devices I did was just 300, and also 3 seconds is how long it takes for a shield can to heal in gimkit.

Ohh, really?
I thought repeater would cost less…
Ok, but still, that is a cool build!

How does exceeding the can limit have anything to do with gkc?

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What. I did not know you could exceed the limit :thinking:

This is…


Honestly, all I thought to do this was a game overlay when there’s a shield can present, item granter, checker, and health Granters.

But this is actually great!

Pretty cool! Especially since you were complimented by the man, ClicClac himself, so good job!


It’s a way to help bypass the pesky shield limit can in GKC. So it’s on topic.

Two things on my mind
2 this is the second time i haven’t understood a topic
the rest are all with black hole

i would bump but it hasn’t been 5 days
so also
just asking, is there an easier way to do this?(i dont think so just asking)

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I went from “this is easy” to “holy moly”

so ehh, I saw someone saying that the shield can limit was a bug, so I was like, no… it’s how the game works. And then I said to myself, you could make a workaround (that dude didn’t want one but I didn’t care) so I messed around with a few different ideas but this one was my favorite.

Anyways, there is an easier way, but it uses a repeater. (it is 400 memory) the wire repeater is 5 each.

Also which part do you not understand… I can explain it to you! Gimkit is fairly simple


Hello? Does anyone not realize this?

So when you have a game (in gimkit creative), you can bypass the limit. So this is on-topic because It helps you with building maps in GKC.


If you want a player drink more shield cans than reaching the shield can limit (50), then this guide helps.

Not everything is off topic… because this guide actually helps in your map
Also @phoque if this was off topic, it would’ve been flagged by now
maybe read the forums rule to understand what’s off topic or not
also Bump