Need help with consumables!

How do you remove the limit on consumables like shield cans and med packs? Need it for the OWO game I am making.

may help… idk if it works. How to Bypass Shield Can limit 4/10 or 🟧

Like, the amount you can carry?

The amount you can carry is 5 slots… right? like you can only have 5 slots to put items in?

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No like, the amount of shield cans you can carry and medkits. Like there’s a limit of 4 shield cans I think.

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I’m pretty sure the max amount of consumables and gadgets you can have at most is 5

Heres how!

Game overlay, property, trigger, speed modifier.

It’s using all of that. If property 0, track it for each item, make the game overlay not show. If property 0<, then make the overlay show. make it take away 1 of your item, make sure to do different for each item, make them 0 speed, and a trigger with all the block code of it.