How to be creative

Gimkit Creative is all about being, well, Creative! As the name suggests, it is just a way to be creative on Gimkit! Some people say that they are just not creative! Here is a great guide on coming up with ideas from @CringeKarlScott!

Now that is a great guide! But it really relies on you being creative. So I have some tips so open your mind up a little more.

Don't beat yourself up.

Today, @anon73616841 was saying that @Blackhole927 was great at things, and she was good at nothing. Yes, some people have naturly good creativeness, like @JasonLeft (you should really check out his willy wonka world map), this doesn’t mean that you are worth nothing.


Take a deep breath. Blow it out slowly. Hang upside down. Yes. I said

Hang upside down.
This will get blood flowing to your head, which can help you think.


Look in the Help section. See what hasn’t been resolved. Look in the Community Made Guides. See what hasn’t been made. Look in the Devices section. Find what is unknown. Look in the bugs section. Find your way around it.


What is the forum for? Asking, of course! Ask others. Trustworthy ones. Ask what they should do, what they should solve, and what they can help with.


Go into Gimkit. Yes. You. Emerse yourself into the world of Gimkit. Know its stories. Know its people. Know what it is. But most importantly, know what people think is impossible. Look at this guide by @Blackhole927:
It's not impossible

One last thing that you need to know.


No one has your strengths, your weaknesses, and, YOUR Creativeness

As always, this is @Here_to_help, Happy Gimkitting!




creativeness is a word. look it up

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But @09900aaz is right, creativity is the better word. Great guide, by the way!

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no it is not.

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As nouns the difference between creativeness and creativity

is that creativeness is the state of being creative; creativity while creativity is the quality or ability to create or invent something.

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In any case that’s not the point



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no one has your state of being creative

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also i gtg be back in a while

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Nice guide!

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no one has your ability to be creative

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no read! this is what i mean!

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How much can you nest quotes i wonder

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i guess both words are ok

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State means being. You can’t have someone’s state of being…

Now we know what quotes in quotes in quotes look like now :joy:



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idk, both words seem fine to use

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oh god why is it so glitched
its saying the wrong people said things



What is this?

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