How to add Pseudo Health

Gimkit closed my last topic about this and I still didn’t get it all the way. Any help would work.

Have you checked this guide:

Yes I have and when I entered the zone, no health was taken off

I think you need a trigger with certain blocks

From what I have read, the pseudo health doesn’t take away health. I might be incorrect though.

Well I was origanally trying to slowly decrease the players health and I came across pseudo health. But anything that slowly decreases health will work.

Maybe something like:

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Ight so my whole idea is like a backrooms map (I’m making it in spite not because I’m a weird kid or anything) and if you know what that is, your sanity (in my case health) slowly decreases.

Psuedo health doesn’t effect your actual health, just the property.

Ohh okay. Is there a way to slowly decrease health then?

Use a trigger with this:
Screenshot 2024-03-25 10.09.41 AM
You can set the number to anything.

Use a wire repeater loop that triggers it.

Okay @gimmaster12345, two things. One, I have a Trigger with the default settings and that exact block command, a Wire Repeater with default settings, and two Wires. They all look like this:
Screenshot 2024-03-25 10.44.10 AM

I have a wire running from the Wire Repeater to the Trigger with this:

And then I have a wire running from the Trigger to the Wire Repeater with this:

Is this right?
And number two, is there a way to hook this setup to a zone? And to double check this will decrease the players health?

Trigger the tigger when the player enters a zone.

I tried that and it still didn’t work :sob:. Is everything else right?

The zone part or the game start part?

The photos I put did I do that part right

Yes, is the relay connected via channel? (I didn’t see a wire there) (For game start)