Melee weapons the Valxian Version

                              THE IDEA

In gimkit creative you can’t really make meele weapons, but you can animate something to be like them. The idea of it is basically use a game overlay to activate lasers that will emit the damage, but then deactivate them after a second or something, but before that you need to use a tag zone to check if the player is within range.

Another idea is using a overlay to again, activate the lasers to emit the damage and then use a coordinate system that would check if the player is within range to attack.

The third idea I have is to use a overlay that when pressed will use a coordinate system to check if the player is within range to attack and if so decrease health from a property that makes “pseudo-health” and to finish the job lasers will do that for the final hit(or if the player’s health is below 0).

The fourth and final idea is, to use a overlay that will use a tag zone to check if the player is within range to attack, if so, decrease the health from the property of health and once the health is less than or equal to 0, use lasers to finish the job.

                                In the end

I haven’t fully tested all these idea, however I believe at least half do, if anyone can please help me check which ones work, please do.

Credits: Me, Gimkit Team, @getrithekd, @ClicClac, and @Dragontamer




You could bill this as, “Use your energy touch to blast your enemy with lasers.”

Maybe, but this is more for making meele weapons, not that.

Could you add some spaces? Thanks for crediting me!

Done, and no problem(you did make me think of the coordiante system)!

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My idea was to use 2 tag zones and pseudo health. This wouldn’t let you have shooting and melee in the same zone, though.

I was thinking the same, but maybe you could deactivate 1 tag zone then when overlay pressed activate the other and then you deactivate afterwards.

I’ll test if 2 tag zones can exist together with no respawn when tagged

I tried that and when I was attacking my alt it would do damage through the psuedo-health, but then when the alt attacked me it did nothing.

Ok. Good to know.

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Valxian. Another one to add! Nice job!

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Yes, great job.

for me, would it be Cassian?

Great ideas for melee!

you can make it whatever you want, like “doomian” or something as long as it has something to do with your name


My versions are all the ritheked version.

Nice one Val! Now we can make that RPG game we’ve been planning to do.


Note! the tag zone ideas won’t work! You would need a coordinate system! Indexing each coordinate would be a pain, though.

Oh man…that would’ve been so easy. It would be painful, but in the end it would be worth it because we can then make our own attacks from anywhere! Damage modifiers(if they are added) will probably be very helpful and could even make the meele weapons posible(to do real damage).

Well, tag zones could work, but not without interfering with a battle 500 tiles away.

Oh I see…then we need to find a way for the zone to not check for everyone who is in it, but for only a player, using scope maybe?

Just noticed that you spelled ‘melee’ wrong as ‘meele’.