How to add custom images to your vending machines. (Difficulty: 🟩 )

This guide will help you with putting custom images into your mini-game in gimkit creative!

For this, you will need the following-
1 Vending Machine

first, place your vending machine and click on it.

Then, click on Purchase action and set it to transmit on channel.

Next, go to the Gimkit Documentation website (Link - Gimkit Documentation Website)

Find the Icon tab.

Now, find the icon you want, and go back to the gimkit creative tab. Go to the Transmit on Channel tab on your vending machine.

Put in the Item image box

Now you have an Icon on your vending machine!
You can change the icon to the select icons available in the Gimkit Documentation Website.
Have Fun!


That option of “Item Image” is not there

Set the purchase action to “Transmit on Channel.” and it should be there

what about popups(extra words here)

Terrific tutorial, @Xa67! You’ve provided a clear guide for adding custom images to mini-games in Gimkit Creative. Here’s some feedback on your tutorial:

What you did well:

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  2. Relevant Visuals: The inclusion of screenshots provides visual aid and helps readers understand the specific steps and settings required. This visual support enhances the tutorial’s effectiveness.
  3. Resource Reference: Directing readers to the Gimkit Documentation Website for finding icons is a valuable addition. It allows readers to explore a variety of options and select the desired icon for their mini-games.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Clarity on Item Image Input: Some readers mentioned the absence of the “Item Image” option. To address this, consider providing further clarification or additional troubleshooting steps to assist readers in locating or accessing the “Item Image” option. This would ensure that readers with different interfaces or versions of Gimkit can follow along successfully.
  2. Addressing Additional Features: While your tutorial focuses on adding custom images, it would be beneficial to mention how to incorporate popups or any other related features. Expanding on these aspects would make the tutorial more comprehensive and provide readers with a well-rounded understanding of enhancing their mini-games.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Your tutorial provides clear instructions and helpful visuals for adding custom images to mini-games in Gimkit Creative. By addressing the areas for improvement and providing further clarity on the “Item Image” option, you can make the tutorial even more user-friendly and accommodating to various situations. Additionally, expanding on other related features like popups would further enhance the tutorial’s value. Keep up the fantastic work!

Regarding your replies to readers:
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You could also add an emoji through text on top.


If I recall correctly, WhoAmI made a guide on it.

Edit- yes, it was an alternative if you want non-approved gimkit items/icon images


Wait, are these really custom images if they are using the icons?

wow, i had no idea you could add these icons into the game, this is great!!

I mean ya this is a awsome tutorial. if I knew this was here when I started gimkit creative I started from scratch. you can make it not like that!

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