How to get non-gimkit images on your vending machines. 🟩

How to get your own pictures on a vending machine. In this way, you can put shoes in glass cases, have vending machines sell coins and the like, dynamite, whatever. This is all you need.
x1 vending machine
x1 text box.

So first, you need to configure your vending machine. Make it so that it transmits on a channel, that way, the question mark won’t be blocking the text box.
Next, go to the layers button at the top left of your screen, and arrange it so the text box is on top of the vending machine.
Now, all you have to do, is copy and past an emoji, and put it in the text box.
All done! Don’t forget to put the text box over the vending machine, and you can get your own images on vending machines. You can also use this to display shoes in glass cases, coins in museums, dynamite in the warehouse, etc. All you need is a copied emoji, a text box, and you can add your own pictures.



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Agreed, a great guide with many uses!


Anybody playing will buy two right-sided shoes :rofl:

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When I read this, my first thought as “Why didn’t I think of this?” Great guide, 10/10!


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Very useful guide that I happened to bump into.

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Lol i used this for my game before I saw the guide :rofl:

Also, did you know you can use emojis in blocks?

Yes. I was playing around with that just a couple minutes ago actually to make the icon on the machine change depending on what gamemode you are playing.

Hey, can i go to your game? I wanna try these Nike Shoes you got from that vending machine!

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