How should I make a fishing system and the EASIEST way to do it

I want to make a fishing system and I don’t want it to be really complicated. I want their to be rods and with rods are you are able to fish and with fish you can buy stuff. nothing else. Thanks!

So u want js one type of fish?

instead of adding the fish randomizer system don’t do that and js add one fish

… sorry I’m antsy. did it help?

You’ll have to use the system above. Fishtopia can’t just be made with wires, since you need block codes to create the RNG.

If he only wants one fish, it can very easily be made with wires.

I am new and want that. How could I do that?

What is “that”? Are you referring to the RNG system?

Fishing is really easy! All you need is multiple triggers with randomizer code hooked up to item granters, maybe vending machine requiring bait to activate them around a pond or something, and you’re all good!

I made a guide on a “blockless” fishing system…

Wait, it let me say hooked up but not h-o-o-k it up?

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Wire a button to an item granter. If you want there to be a slight delay, have there be a popup between the button and item granter. You could also make a popup that appears after fishing by wiring it to the delay, so when the first popup is closed, the second popup is opened. Like so:

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Basically you buy bait, use the bait, and then you get a random fish caught. If RNG is too complicated then I wont add it

Use invisible vending machines to get rid of bait, and use this guide for the RNG:

You could make it in Gimkit, use text devices as labels, and screenshot it to make it more legible.

Sol’s rng about to go CRAZY in my map.