How do I make the score in gkc to like a CTF map

How do I make the score in gkc to like a CTF map

Have a flag capture zone connected to a counter


you have it go by a property and then update the property when a flag is captured

ok thanks

like this

set it to number
2 different properties
2 counters to update the property


Do increment property. (I love Capture The Flag)
Actually scratch that hold on let me explain:

This is specifically from Blizzy’s guide:

Now for The Score:
What’s a game without a score? Not one. Well, you have to first go to Map Options in settings, go to Score, switch the Score type to “Property”, Name the score property something like “Flags” or “Flag Score”, Switch the Score name to “Score” or “Flags”, and make sure that the Score Group is “Team”. That’s the basics. Now for the actual score.
Place a counter down for each team, and go to “Featured” and make sure Count Scope is Team, Starting Value is 0, and the Counter is not visible in game. Now go to “Property” in the counter settings, and switch “update property” to yes, and the Property to update what ever you did for the Score Property.
Now, place two flag zones, one for each team, and set those two whichever team’s flag you will capture(I am sure you will work it out). Now wire the Flag zone to the the Team’s counter, and set it to “When flag captured, increment counter”. Do that for each team.
Now put down a property device, and set the Property name to Flag score or whatever your score is called. Set the Property Type to “Number”, Default Value to 0, and Property Scope to Team. That’s all for score!

I can do more explaining if needed.


May I see all the pictures you have?

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just explain it more.

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How to make Gimkit Capture The Flag Score Work:
First fo to score in map settings and do this:

Then we’ll do the Counter and the Flag Zone:
Screenshot 2024-03-22 080025
Flag Capture Zone:

Next we’ll do the flag:

Finally we’ll do a Property:

This should help because now there’s pictures. I also did this quickly.