How do I make objects move in creative

Ik it’s impossible but I’ve seen some things that look a lot like moving objects. Dose anyone have a method of doing this. Also I need ti be able to move it anywhere, any X and any Y

Like animation? Or just actually moving props in creative?

You can use animation. Here are some guides that will help you.

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Not animation, if I have a code block I need to be able to move any object anywhere

yes you can standardly do that in creative. There is no place you can’t place a prop or device. And that. counts for blocks too

I mean in game I want to be able to move a prop from where it is to anywhere. Not in editing mode

You could make the illusion of movement…

But that requires the prop everywhere and a lot of wires and triggers

And that is the only way you can move a prop as of right now. We haven’t found another, simpler way yet.

Oh, that’s sad. I do have once more question. Can we detect when the player clicks something. Not like a button but if they click a prop

no, but yes, if you have a player destroy a prop it will trigger a function, but not if you just run into it or click on it.

I guess we’re using mods then…

You can use sentries… (worst decision ever)

They can’t be invisible tho and I don’t want to use blasters

yeah, that is not… like good.


Guess I’m using mods then…

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you can use a zone with a prop so it is like the same size as the prop. Would that work?

I’ve done a moving object that follows the player before, it’s not a good idea.

Whoops, thought that was the other post…