How do I Make my Playing Map Bigger?

This is my map for tag. At the beginning of the game you can choose a type of tag to play. So far I have made Freeze Tag and Normal Tag. For each, I have made Team Switchers to change you to a different team when tagged, but that automatically respawns you, so there are checkpoints everywhere. The checkpoint limit is 256. How do I make my map bigger? I can space the checkpoints out more, but I don’t want to do that.

You can use tag zones with respawn off

I said, Team Switchers automatically respawn you. Respawn is off.

You can activate/deactivate tag zones

Why would I do that?

Neither of you seem to understand the question.

You could use these systems

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you could make the check points bigger

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Can you use regular spawners?

thats. a. lot. of. checkpoints…

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But I want them to stay in the same place. That’s what the checkpoints are for.

? i’m confused on what your questoin is, what are you asking us to help you with?

The freeze tag system does that

Also, I can’t use regular spawners. Why would I?
Also, the problem isn’t checkpoint size, I want you to respawn as close to where you were as possible.

Wait, can’t you just make a tag zone that tags only for one team, make it so they don’t respawn, and just freeze them? They check the team though for if they thaw, or freeze the player.

But your question is how to make it bigger, right?

Just delete some walls on the right or something… add some more of your map. Then done?

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well technically it was a question

Like, there’s a setting on the tag zone that makes it so they don’t respawn when tagged. Can’t you do that? saves memory I’m pretty sure too.

No. You need to be on a different team to unfreeze someone, so I need Team Switchers, which auto-respawn you, so I need checkpoints.

Yeah, so use block code to check the team.