How do I make a timer?

So I am making a game right now and I need a timer but I dont know how to make one? can someone help me.

Why don’t you search it up?

Always search before posting!

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Please try to use a kinder tone. You might get flagged if you sound disrespectful.

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ok thank you all for helping!

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Maybe we should use emojis to let each other know that we aren’t trying to be rude?
I honestly didn’t mean to make it sound like that.
What if someone misinterpreted your post too?

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I know. I’m just saying that misinterpretations are common, so you just have to try to sound friendly.

so I did both tutorials but they both were ticking up. Do any of you know how to make it tick down like 3.2.1 something like that?

Do you just need a timer for the whole game? If so, that can be done in the game settings.

no just in one area… all the player gather there then after the timer counts down to 0 they teleport somewhere.

yeah game settings has over timer, and you can make a timer to trake things and make functions happen at certain times, via your own not settings.

That can be done without a timer.

its like an event after the counter sets to 0 the players teleport somewhere.

Ok, that is very simple.

Just use a wire repeater to delay the teleporting! [mark wolf’s post as the solution, not mine.]

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Just place a teleporter, trigger, zone and counter. place the zone and make its activate channel “start” and place the counter to a certain amount of players needed to start. Then use the “start” channel on the counter for when the zone gets activated. Then place the trigger and wire it to the counter for when number reached trigger delay starts. And you can set the seconds on the trigger to how long you want, then place the teleporter on you main map, and wire the trigger to it so when trigger time complete, teleport players.

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That would work too.

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ok thank you wolf tec !