How do I make a timer?

No problem.

ok sorry another question. I did your thing but when the timer hits 0 it only teleports 1 player and I need it to teleport every player in the game to that area

what is you teleporter settings set as

just a regular teleporter… I spawned it in and put it so nobody can see it ingame

ok then you can connect a repeater to that teleporter. That will rerun the function.

a new reporter or the one counting?

Did you mean relay?

to the same teleporter.

no, i mean repeater.

Oh, I use relays since it can do every player at once and takes up less memory.

i tried a reporter and it didn’t work so ima try a relay

ok! relay worked thank you @Gdog939 !

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Alright, weird why that didn’t work, josh said it should.

No problem!

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